Wild Hawk Workshop

Unique wearable art, designed and crafted with respect and love. 

Timeless furniture and home decor, mainly from recycled materials.

About Me

Radek Trunec


Hi everyone, my name is Radek, born and raised in Czech Republic, currently living in New Zealand. The move from Czech to other side of the globe means for me a huge shift in lifestyle and the way of my life. That change got me an impulse to start my own little business Wild Hawk Workshop, which is all about to create unique jewelry, handcrafted furniture and home decor from organic and mostly recycled materials. This business is a journey of crafting and self-discovery for me. I make things, what currently inspires me. From my young age I enjoyed working on different projects and crafts and I have a passion to work with my hands. I would like to offer you quality and unique handmade items, that you will enjoy every day and they will last. I rely on personal approach to my customers and I am happy to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

To make a contact with me, please use an email or contact me through social media linked down below.

Have a great day,